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You can typically expect to see changes in 6-10 treatments, depending on the severity and length of illness. As well as improvement of specific conditions, you may feel more energized and less stressed, and find that sleep and digestion have also improved. This is because Chinese medicine works on re-establishing the balance of the whole body so that it can heal and protect itself from future illness.

The effects of Chinese medicine are cumulative, so receiving regular treatments, taking prescribed herbs, performing any exercises that have been prescribed, and following any dietary guidelines given will help to improve recovery rate and time.


In Chinese medicine, we treat the body and mind as a whole, not just the symptoms. Our goal is to relieve pain and discomfort, and also to fix the problem from the root - so that the condition is completely resolved and does not recur, nor cause problems in other areas.

Chinese medicine is a scientific and physical medicine that places great importance on the fact that the mind and body are inseparable; when one becomes unwell, so can the other. Because we place as much importance on the non-physical, energetic, mental, and emotional aspects as on the physical, we are able to reach and treat levels that Western medicine does not. This enables more holistic and complete healing.

Chinese medicine is extremely effective in treating many chronic conditions that Western medicine does not effectively address including: chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, stress, PMS, IBS, irregular menstruation, and auto-immune diseases.


Chinese Medicine can be used safely in conjunction with Western Medicine. In fact, studies show that recovery time and rates are significantly improved when they are used together. By strengthening the bodyís core and energy, Chinese medicine helps the body assimilate medications and can reduce the side effects of many pharmaceuticals, without decreasing their efficacy.